OSLC Vocabularies


The purpose of this page is to provide a single index of all the vocabulary documents on the OSLC website. Not all these vocabularies are from OASIS Standards. Some are references to current OSLC v2.0 domain specifications that have not yet been migrated to OASIS. Others are still under development and may change. Consult the corresponding specification to learn about its status. The process by which the domain namespaces are mapped to the RDF Schema and HTML documents is documented in the following documents:

The namespace for each domain is defined in the domain specification.

OSLC version compatibility guidelines specify that updated OSLC vocabularies should be backward compatible. That is, classes and properties can be added, or deprecated (archaic), but may not be changed or removed. Resource shapes on the other hand can be created to constrain these vocabularies for whatever purpose is needed, including the needs of the OSLC specifications themselves. As a result, new vocabularies published on this site should be compatible with the old vocabularies. Therefore, only the most recent version of the vocabularies are listed here, and linked to by the various OSLC core and domain namespace URIs.

Standard Namespaces


Property Value
Deployed vocabulary Core 3.0 OASIS Standard
Publication date 26 August 2021
Recommended prefix oslc
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/core#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc: <http://open-services.net/ns/core#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc: <http://open-services.net/ns/core#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fcore%23
Specified Vocabulary Core 3.0 OS vocabulary

OSLC Change Management

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary CM 3.0 OASIS Standard
Publication date 26 May 2021
Recommended prefix oslc_cm
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/cm#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_cm: <http://open-services.net/ns/cm#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_cm: <http://open-services.net/ns/cm#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_cm%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fcm%23
Specified Vocabulary CM 3.0 OS vocabulary

OSLC Requirements Management

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary RM 2.1 OASIS Standard
Publication date 21 June 2021
Recommended prefix oslc_rm
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/rm#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_rm: <http://open-services.net/ns/rm#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_rm: <http://open-services.net/ns/rm#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_rm%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Frm%23
Specified Vocabulary RM 2.1 OS vocabulary

OSLC Quality Management

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary QM 2.1 OASIS Standard
Publication date 9 January 2022
Recommended prefix oslc_qm
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/qm#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_qm: <http://open-services.net/ns/qm#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_qm: <http://open-services.net/ns/qm#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_qm%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fqm%23
Specified Vocabulary QM 2.1 OS vocabulary

OSLC Architecture Management

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary AM 3.0 OASIS Standard
Publication date 11 July 2022
Recommended prefix oslc_am
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/am#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_am: <http://open-services.net/ns/am#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_am: <http://open-services.net/ns/am#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_am%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fam%23
Specified Vocabulary AM 3.0 OS vocabulary

OSLC Configuration Management

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary Config 1.0 Project Specification 01
Publication date 30 May 2022
Recommended prefix oslc_config
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/config#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_config: <http://open-services.net/ns/config#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_config: <http://open-services.net/ns/config#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_config%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fconfig%23
Specified Vocabulary Config 1.0 PS01 vocabulary

OSLC Tracked Resource Set

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary TRS 3.0 Project Specification 02
Publication date 24 November 2022
Recommended prefix oslc_trs
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/core/trs#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_trs: <http://open-services.net/ns/core/trs#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_trs: <http://open-services.net/ns/core/trs#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_trs%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Ftrs%23
Specified Vocabulary TRS 3.0 PS02 vocabulary

OSLC Asset Management

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary Asset 2.0 Final
Publication date 25 September 2012
Recommended prefix oslc_asset
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/asset#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_asset: <http://open-services.net/ns/asset#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_asset: <http://open-services.net/ns/asset#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_asset%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fasset%23
Specified Vocabulary Asset 2.0 vocabulary

OSLC Automation

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary Automation 2.0 Final
Publication date 22 January 2013 (errata 17 July 2014)
Recommended prefix oslc_auto
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/auto#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_auto: <http://open-services.net/ns/auto#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_auto: <http://open-services.net/ns/auto#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_auto%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fauto%23
Specified Vocabulary Automation 2.0 vocabulary

OSLC Performance Monitoring

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary Performance Monitoring 2.0 Final
Publication date 31 January 2014
Recommended prefix pm
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/perfmon#
Turtle prefix @prefix pm: <http://open-services.net/ns/perfmon#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX pm: <http://open-services.net/ns/perfmon#>
OSLC Query prefix pm%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fperfmon%23
Specified Vocabulary PerfMon 2.0 vocabulary


Property Value
Deployed vocabulary PROMCODE 1.0 OASIS Standard
Publication date 11 March 2022
Status ACTIVE (OASIS Standard)
Recommended prefix oslc_promcode
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/promcode#
Turtle prefix @prefix oslc_promcode: <http://open-services.net/ns/promcode#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX oslc_promcode: <http://open-services.net/ns/promcode#>
OSLC Query prefix oslc_promcode%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fpromcode%23
Specified Vocabulary PROMCODE 1.0 OS vocabulary

Linked Data Basic Profile

Property Value
Recommended prefix ldbp
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/basicProfile#
See https://www.w3.org/TR/ldp/

NB! All namespace URIs support content negotiation. Acceptable RDF MIME types:

  • text/turtle
  • application/ld+json
  • application/rdf+xml
  • application/n-triples

Other OSLC Namespaces

This could include:

  • Old open-services.net documents and vocabulary namespaces that were never completed.
  • Existing open-services.net documents and vocabularies that were at least partially completed, but are not currently targeted for migration to OASIS.
  • New experimental domains that the OSLC community might find useful
  • Namespaces used by existing tool implementations that should be preserved

In order to foster open integration, we will allow additional domain vocabularies (ontology) and resource shapes to be published on open-services.net. The open-services.net administrator will review these vocabularies and publish them upon community request. These will be listed in the following table to help interested parties know what namespace names people are working on in order to avoid potential collisions.

OSLC Estimation and Measurement

Property Value
Deployed vocabulary Estimation and Measurement 1.0 Draft
Publication date 24 September 2014
Status DRAFT
Recommended prefix ems
Namespace URI http://open-services.net/ns/ems#
Turtle prefix @prefix ems: <http://open-services.net/ns/ems#>
SPARQL prefix PREFIX ems: <http://open-services.net/ns/ems#>
OSLC Query prefix ems%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fopen-services.net%2Fns%2Fems%23
Specified Vocabulary EMS 1.0 vocabulary

Unpublished vocabularies