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A survey of commercial tools with OSLC support

A survey of commercial tools that provide OSLC support. The survey describes in detail which OSLC capabilities are supported to which tools.


OSLC Primer

Introduction to developing OSLC solutions


Eclipse Lyo

The Eclipse Lyo project provides an SDK to help Java developers adopt OSLC specifications and build OSLC-compliant tools.


OSLC Developer Guide

All you need to know to build OSLC servers, and/or client applications.



OSLC4JS is a set of related open source projects that support the creation and integration of OSLC-based client and server applications that leverage JavaScript and Node.js capabilities.


Debunking the OSLC Link-Only Myth

Integrating tools via standard interfaces


Beyond PLM

A blog, by Oleg Shilovitsky, for the community of people looking for information about Engineering and Manufacturing Software


New and updated tools in Eclipse Lyo: Toolchain Designer & Lyo Store

The latest support tools that were contributed to Eclipse Lyo, which will further aim the development of OSLC adaptors and toolchains


Linked Data and OSLC for Tool Interoperability

Jad El-khoury explains the OSLC standard, the underlying linked data technologies that constitute a foundation for the OSLC


PROSTEP OpenPDM OSLC Adapter Product Overview

The adapter is an add-on for the OpenPDM integration framework which provides connectors to a wide range of systems.


Why Integration requires a combination of linking and syncing

Tasktop explores the strengths of Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) and some of the areas of improvement.


Tasktop: Helping a Center of Excellence live up to its name

Tasktop Sync Case Study on enabling the customer to increase both velocity AND quality.


Get IBM RTC and HP ALM To Blend Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Webinar on integrating HP ALM and IBM RTC


Tear Down the Walls Between Requirements, Development and Testing

How Business Analysts using Rational Requirements Composer can successfully create and revise Requirements while automatically keeping the Testing team up-to-date on the latest changes through the use of Tasktop Sync



A toolkit for developing OSLC consumers and providers for .NET environments