Pardon our dust: updated design rolling out gradually

As I mentioned almost a year ago, I’ve been plugging away at a new look and feel for this site. I have a project on GitHub; you can open issues or discuss the direction in general; you can look at proposed sample pages.

And as of today, you’ll be able to see how it looks live. I’ll be rolling out elements of it gradually. There are a number of moving parts and I want to test thoroughly.

You can see what areas have the new design in this issue on GitHub. For the areas that have been updated, you should see the following:

A cleaner, simpler design: I’m pretty proud of this! It should be easier to read and navigate Much faster page loading: I’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure that everything loads quickly and pages stay responsive. Speaking of… Looks good everywhere: The design is fully “responsive”, so it’ll look and work great everywhere, from your phone to your workstation. Improved accessibility for keyboard users and screen readers. I will update this post on an ongoing basis with other highlights.

If you see something that looks busted, message me on Twitter, open a new issue, or email me.

Some more complicated pages like the Home page will come later. Right now I do not have plans to refresh the wiki or the forums; however, they will continue to function perfectly well as-is.

Thank you in advance for you patience, and I hope you enjoy the new look!