OSLC OP publishes four new Project Specifications

OASIS is pleased to announce that OSLC Core v3.0, OSLC Query v3.0, OSLC Requirements Management v2.1, and OSLC Change Management v3.0 are now approved \OASIS Project Specifications. These join the previously announced OSLC Quality Management v2.1 as the first approved Project Specifications from the Open Projects program.

OSLC Core defines the overall approach to Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration that extend and complement the W3C Linked Data Platform.

OSLC Query provides a mechanism for a client to search for RDF resources.

OSLC Requirements Management supports key RESTful web service interfaces for the management of Requirements, Requirements Collections and supporting resources defined in OSLC Core.

OSLC Change Management defines a RESTful web services interface for the management of product change requests, activities, tasks and relationships between those and related resources such as requirements, test cases, or architectural resources.

These Project Specifications are OASIS deliverables, completed and approved by the OP’s Project Governing Board and fully ready for testing and implementation. As Project Specifications, they are also now eligible to submit to OASIS as candidates for OASIS Standard. The applicable open source licenses can be found in the project’s administrative repository at https://github.com/oslc-op/oslc-admin/blob/master/LICENSE.md

The specifications and related files are available at:

OSLC Core Version 3.0 Project Specification 01 17 September 2020

OSLC Query Version 3.0 Project Specification 01 01 October 2020

https://docs.oasis-open-projects.org/oslc-op/query/v3.0/ps01/oslc-query.html https://docs.oasis-open-projects.org/oslc-op/query/v3.0/ps01/oslc-query.pdf

OSLC Requirements Management Version 2.1 Project Specification 01 03 September 2020

OSLC Change Management Version 3.0 Project Specification 01 17 September 2020

Distribution ZIP file

For your convenience, OASIS provides complete packages of the specifications and related files in ZIP distribution files. You can download the ZIP files at:

OSLC Core: https://docs.oasis-open-projects.org/oslc-op/core/v3.0/ps01/core-v3.0-ps01.zip

OSLC Query: https://docs.oasis-open-projects.org/oslc-op/query/v3.0/ps01/query-v3.0-ps01.zip

OSLC Requirements Management: https://docs.oasis-open-projects.org/oslc-op/rm/v2.1/ps01/rm-v2.1-ps01.zip

OSLC Change Management: https://docs.oasis-open-projects.org/oslc-op/cm/v3.0/ps01/cm-v3.0-ps01.zip

OASIS offers our congratulations to the participants and contributors in the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Open Project on achieving this milestone.