New OASIS OSLC Steering Committee Announced

The September 2015 elections for the OASIS OSLC Steering Committee have concluded – congratulations to the new and re-elected members!

Also noteworthy is that as of this election, the number of Steering Committee members increased from 7 to 9. The expanded breadth and experience that is represented in the new Steering Committee will further enhance its ability to guide and serve the OSLC Member Section and community. A warm welcome to the OSLC Steering Committee for September 2015-2016:

Mats Berglund – Enterprise Architect, Ericsson Bill Chown – System Design Management, Mentor Graphics Wesley Coelho - Senior Director of Business Development, Tasktop Rainer Ersch - Senior Research Scientist, Siemens Amit Fisher - CTO, Internet of Things & Continuous Engineering, IBM Andreas Keis - Lead for Systems Engineering Processes and Platforms, Airbus Bola Rotibi - Research Director, Creative Intellect Consulting Martin Sarabura - Technical Fellow, PTC Mark Schulte - Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing As we transition to the new Steering Committee, a big thank-you to departing members John Wiegand and Dave West for their service and numerous contributions to OSLC and the Steering Committee.

Now is a great time to get involved in Open Services and OASIS OSLC. Please consider joining a User Group, contribute to an OASIS technical committee, post questions on the Forum and follow us on Social media including @OSLCNews and OSLC LinkedIn Group.

Thank you,

Nelson Jean