Learn more about Tasktop Sync 4.3 (July 2015)

Tasktop, the leader in Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) and creator of the Eclipse Mylyn open source tool, today announced the latest versions of its Tasktop Sync and Tasktop Data products, which add strategic new tools to its integration network and provide a vastly superior user experience.

Tasktop products enable enterprises to achieve major gains by connecting everyone in the software lifecycle to create one efficient development and delivery team. With Tasktop solutions, everyone can use their various tools of choice and still collaborate in real time as if they were all working on a single platform.

For more information on this release:

Press Release: https://www.tasktop.com/press-releases/tasktop-sync-43 Tasktop Sync DataSheet: http://www.tasktop.com/sites/default/files/TT_Datasheet_Sync_43_072815.pdf Tasktop Sync 4.3 Release Notes: http://www.tasktop.com/whats-new-sync-43