Extra, Extra, Communication User Group is Back

The Open Services Communication User Group held its kickoff call on August 13. The team is positioned to highlight integration successes and communicate the benefits of OSLC. As one participant said “Think of us as the newspaper for the city.” This is a perfect analogy of our intent to be indespensible to the community we serve and relevant to the broader audience. The Communication User Group will aims to deliver value, grows our community and provides the news that you need.

The group is currently working on an initial charter and has started a 2015-2016 roadmap based on various industry events. Our deliverables will capture the benefits of integration, document your success stories and assist adoption. The minutes from our first call are available here on the wiki.

We can use your help! Please consider joining the Open Services Communication User Group. Joining is simple. Become a member of Open Services and select join from the Communication Work Group page. Since the CommWG is a User Group, you will not need to complete a Workgroup Participation Agreement (WPA). Since the group is part of Open-services.net, you do not need to join any other organization such as OASIS.

It is easy, it is free and it is fun.

Here is a few things you can do to join in the Open Services Communication:

Become a Member of Open Services Sign up for the Communication User Group Add your ideas to the forum, the wiki and the mailing list. Provide feedback to the webmaster at open-services dot net. Include @OSLCNews on any integration Tweets Join us on September 8 at 11:00 EST for our next Open Services Communication User Group See you then!