Eclipse Lyo 2.1.2 release

Eclipse Lyo 2.1.2 has been released today! This was the first release carried out by Jad El-khoury, Jim Amsden, and yours truly. We went through a release review process even though it is not strictly needed for the service releases just in order to get acquainted with the process.

This release has mainly addressed issues in the client (28 issues) and core (9 issues). I would like to thank all contributors who submitted the patches!

As of now, artefacts under groupId=org.eclipse.lyo.clients and groupId=org.eclipse.lyo.oslc4j.core are available under artifactId=2.1.2. Please make sure your POM file specifies the correct repositories.

The Javadoc sites are also published:

We will be starting to work on 2.2.0 roadmap soon. We are looking forward to your feedback on Lyo 2.1.2 and bug reports as well patches for 2.2.0!