OSLC Open Project announcement

We are pleased to announce a big step forward for OSLC!

The most exciting thing that we heard throughout the OSLCfest 2018 conference was that people were eager to contribute and were asking for a simpler, more streamlined way to provide contributions and make their voices heard. After exploring several alternatives, the OSLC Steering Committee decided to shift ongoing work from the OASIS Technical Committees to a new OSLC Open Project under the recently-announced OASIS Open Project program.

The OSLC Open Project provides an avenue for anyone to get involved in the ongoing development of OSLC standards. And it expands the types of work that can be contributed. Within the OP, you can help build reference implementations, test suites, samples and other content to help guide the development, verification and use of these specifications by grounding them in the reality of real implementations.

As an open source Open Project, people will be able to participate without having to join OASIS (though you will need to agree to the OASIS CLA when you make your first contribution). You will be able to fork the repositories, propose edits via pull requests, open or comment on issues, and subscribe to the project email list.

If you are interested in going further and taking a more active role, you can request a seat on the Technical Steering Committee. If you want to take a leadership position, your company can join as a sponsor and you can join the Project Governing Board.

The project is up and running now. See open-services.net, the project’s website, for general information and the project’s GitHub organization page for a look at the work underway.

We hope that you are excited about this step as we are. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or, for general information on the Open Projects program, to the OP-Administrator Chet Ensign.