Working Groups

We have a variety of working groups—here and at various standards organizations—with different and occasionally overlapping interests, roles, and responsibilities.

Core Technical Committee

Defining essential technical elements of OSLC specifications and offering guidance on common concerns for creating, updating, retrieving, and linking to lifecycle resources based on W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP)

Domains Technical Committee

Producing specifications that leverage the OASIS OSLC lifecycle integration Core Specification for use in tools supporting change, configuration, and asset management domains supporting scenarios motived from Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Integrated Service Management (ISM), Cloud Computing, and DevOps

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, now operating at OASIS, is the governing body of the OSLC community that approves new workgroups, approves specifications, de-commissions workgroups, and manages other changes in governance or participation across the community