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This page is intended to pull together the requirements and discussion on how vocabularies should evolve in the future for OSLC.


Vocabularies in V2 are defined by defining resource tables in specifications. These tables follow a common format and indicate both the model of RDF Classes and expected properties, as well as constraints that are found on resources for various scenarios. The scenarios aren’t always clear and sometimes a bit overloaded (create, read, update, query). It is best practice to resource vocabulary terms, though often times the properties are tightly defined within the context of the resource type (RDF Class) that they are expected to represent. This assumption leads to limiting the ability to reuse these.


Separate the vocabulary term definition from the resource definition. This proposal leverages learning from the FOAF vocabulary work

Vocabulary term definition:

  • WG proposed a Namespace URI for WG and any additional ones. See URI guidance
  • Define in simple RDF schema (see existing RDF schemas)
  • Annotate each term definition with:

See example File:coreV3Sample.ttl

Resource types defined in Shapes based on scenarios:

  • Define resource based on primary scenario (create, read, query, update, other?)
  • Provide the definition as an OSLC ResourceShape

The specification documents (and other material) can be generated from this information. The RDF Schema and the OSLC Resource Shapes become the normative definition of terms and resources.


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