[oslc-website] Simple bug/enhancement trackers?

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Fri Jul 29 14:45:35 EDT 2011

> From: Lee J Reamsnyder/Durham/IBM at IBMUS
> To: oslc-website at open-services.net
> Date: 07/27/2011 11:56 AM
> Subject: [oslc-website] Simple bug/enhancement trackers?
> Sent by: oslc-website-bounces at open-services.net
> Hi all,
> If I haven't said "hello" yet, I'm Lee. I'm the current "web guy" for 
> open-services site.
> I'm looking at putting some sort of bug or enhancement tracker in place 
> the site. That way we'd have an open place where people could look and 
> what I'm up to or report any problems they run into.
> Anyone have any recommendations for decent systems we could put in place 
> sign up for? The priorities for me are:
> 1) Simple
> 2) Cheap
> 3) Web-based

Those are good priorities but one of the top additional priorities would 
0) OSLC support

We should use what we support.  This make require us to invent/invest in 
creating some unique integrations but I think one of the things we should 
strive for is making our efforts be "model citizens" of our technology 
base (linked data) and tools (OSLC based).  I fear that if we make our 
decisions solely on short-term cost and speed, we will suffer during 
longer term growth and credibility.

Of course "Cheap" is a tough one to gauge, we want to make sure what we do 
we get good value out of.  So in some cases this may mean investing to get 
greater return. 

Let me try to outline all the possible features / usages of a tool I'd 
like to see:
1. Spec issue tracking
We currently use these:
    OPEN - indicates that we have no response for the issue yet
    RESOLVED - indicates that we have a response that we believe resolves 
the issue
        RESOLVED - indicates it is resolved as by above definition and 
edits in the draft specification have been made. 
    CLOSED - issue has been resolved and the resolution has been reviewed 
by the workgroup
    DEFERRED - indicates that issue will be addressed in guidance after 
the specification converges
    TABLED - indicates that issue will be reconsidered at some later but 
unspecified date 
It would be nice to be able to write queries, have report and dashboard

2. Understanding WG / domain status
A way to get an overview, report, dashboard on WG health

3. Tracking general community issues and topics
Would the website WG use this tracker as well for its work?

> Some of the usual open-source suspects are Bugzilla or Request Tracker.
> Another option might be to put some of the site source on GitHub and use
> their built-in issue tracker (more details here:
> https://github.com/blog/831-issues-2-0-the-next-generation).
> Any thoughts or other suggestions I could go look at?

It would be great to use something that is OSLC-based and already a hosted 
offering like JazzHub http://jazz.net/hub and use RTC.  So those that want 
advanced capability they can get it.  We can use OSLC interfaces to 
provide minimal information.

Just some quick thoughts.

- Steve

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