[oslc-core] Some Topics for Discussion Today

Olivier Berger olivier.berger at it-sudparis.eu
Thu May 27 09:38:40 EDT 2010


Le mercredi 26 mai 2010 à 08:59 -0400, Arthur Ryman a écrit :
> 1. I've been digging deeper into OWL and there does appear to be a way to 
> express the kind of information we are putting in our Shape resources, 
> e.g. cardinality. The OWL way is somewhat more complex - it involves class 
> restrictions. Our Shape approach is easier for clients to handle. I think 
> we should at least describe the semantics of Shape in terms of OWL so we 
> are compatible. We may be able to regard Shape as a simplified form for 
> the equivalent OWL.


Even if OWL is more complex, it is a widely used standard (I guess) at
least in the Semantic Web communities (maybe not in ALM implementors
communities ?)... so we may be having some kind of disclaimers above
Shapes specs like : "ok, fellows, if you know OWL already, skip this and
come back only when you'll try to implement consumers : the real truth
about OSLC is next chapter " ;-)

Again, as Shapes look to me very much like reinventing some wheel
standardized elsewhere, I think it is very much important to not so much
tighten the rest of OSLC to it (at least in the presentation of the

OSLC is great as it tries and propose a reference standard for ALM
I think learning OSLC should be quite straightforward (at least for the
mandatory domain-related aspects), for fear to see it somehow dismissed
by the Shapes introduction (for OWL addicts) and it's added complexity
(meta / reification discussions, etc. when one only want to know how to
spell "bug status" in OSLC), while the important thing is the rest of
the standard : how to standardize the common properties of resources
exchanged by tools.

Real standardization for common properties and wider adoption looks more
important to me than discovery of resources, for the time being.

Enough ranting ;)

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