[oslc-core] RDF/XML in Core

Ian Green1 ian.green at uk.ibm.com
Wed May 12 04:12:59 EDT 2010

Would it clarify the core spec. to include in section "Rules for 
representing resources in RDF/XML" that the resulting XML is a constrained 
form of "Abbreviated RDF/XML"?  We should cite the RDF/XML specification 
at http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-rdf-syntax/

I'm concerned that in "Rules for representing OSLC Defined Resources in 
JSON format" Core is not appealing to one of the existing rdf+json media 
types, for example application/rdf+json.  application/json is not a linked 
media type.  Has http://n2.talis.com/wiki/RDF_JSON_Specification been 

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