[oslc-core] Splitting up the Core

Dave snoopdave at gmail.com
Mon May 10 11:29:56 EDT 2010

>From the start, I wanted one Core spec document because the old
broken-up OSLC v1 specs seemed to hard to follow, and hard to print
out for offline reading because there were so many parts. But now, the
Core spec seems too long, difficult to edit and too long to print out,
which is a shame because the "core" part of the Core spec is only
about 30 pages.

To deal with this issue, we have already moved representation examples
into appendices at the end of the document. Now, I would like to move
the appendices out to separate wiki pages. Scott Bosworth and I did
some work to make this happen, as an experiment, and I think it works
well. You can see what this new split-up version of the Core spec
looks like here:


And the rest of the pieces here:


The core part of the Core spec is now about 30 pages, easier to digest
and easier on trees if you want to print it out. Note that we also
moved Query Syntax out to a separate page, because there is a
possibility that we might want to finalize later than the rest of the
Core spec -- we'll talk about that in the workgroup before substantive
changes are made.

I plan to drop the old single-page spec and start working in this
newly reorganized spec as soon as today. Any objections to this or
suggestions on how this new arrangement might be improved?

- Dave

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