[oslc-core] OAuthConfiguration and need for OAuth consumer key/secret requests

Olivier Berger olivier.berger at it-sudparis.eu
Thu Apr 29 11:57:26 EDT 2010


Le jeudi 29 avril 2010 à 11:37 -0400, Steve K Speicher a écrit :
> It would be good if we had a way for a consumer to discover how to
> request a consumer key/secret. 
> Since this process is non-standard (not saying we should define the
> protocol here), perhaps we could have a property on where one could go
> to make the requests.  I'd propose we add OAuthConsumerRequest with
> type is URI.  Possible values for this property could be: a URL to a
> website that describes how to make the request, a mailto link on who
> to email a request to, etc. 

You mean in the Service Descriptions ?

> This is a very simple way to point consumers in the right direction
> for such a request. 

Sounds useful to me.

I think otherwise some auto-negociation mechanism is a classic way to
go, but don't have real experience on this.

My 2 cents,

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