[oslc-core] Questions on Query in Core Spec.

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1. Correct - you don't create a Query Capability for every resource since 
there are an unbounded number of them. You'd only create Query 
Capabilities for a few "root" resources. You'd query those to find other 
resources.  To discover the shape of a resource do the following:
GET the resource and look at its rdf:type and other properties. One of 
them should link back to the service provider, directly e.g. 
oslc:serviceProvider, or indirectly.
GET the service provider and look for the shape resources. Find the one 
for the rdf:type of the initial resource.

2. Correct, oslc.properties=*{*} matches all the properties of a resource, 
and all of its nested properties (to depth 1).


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04/25/2010 10:15 PM
[oslc-core] Questions on Query in Core Spec.
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1. One can use oslc.properties to query on an OSLC resource. e.g. 
If I was given the URL of a resource (such as http://example.com/bugs/4242
), how do I find out its Resource Shape so that I know what are the 
properties to query on. I don't think I can create a self subject Query 
Capability of every individual resource. 

2. The wildcard oslc.properties=* and oslc.select=* should return all 
properties of the resource and all properties of the members in the list. 
How do I specify to return all properties including properties of all 
nested properties? Do I use oslc.properties=*{*} or something similar?

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