[oslc-core] How do I get the shape from a resource?

Steve K Speicher sspeiche at us.ibm.com
Sat Apr 24 15:05:10 EDT 2010

I had assumed that every OSLC defined resource would have an rdf:type 
property that references either the spec defined Type URI OR is it a 
gettable URI that references the service provider's hosted version of the 
resource shape.

Here's my example, I have a OSLC-CM Change Request resource that looks 

<oslc_cm:ChangeRequest  rdf:about="http://example.com/bugs/2314">
  <rdf:type  rdf:reference="

Is it required for rdf:type to point to the OSLC defined Type URI?   How 
do I get to the resource shape of this resource?

I would instead think that we'd want an OSLC Common Property called 
"oslc:shape" which points to a gettable OSLC shape resource.  Any 
objections to adding this?  Any need use dc:type here instead (or clarify 
how it could be used) ?

Steve Speicher | IBM Rational Software | (919) 254-0645
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