[oslc-core] OSLC Common Properties

Scott Bosworth bosworth at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 23 10:27:55 EDT 2010

Hi, was helping out on the QM V2 domain specification (which is aligning
with Core guidelines). I wondered what the intention is for the OSLC Common
properties in Appendix A of the Core? Are these required properties for
every OSLC-defined resource? Are they a catalog of oft-used properties? Why
are things like dc:identifier, dc:name, dc:type, dc:subject not listed?

I'm assuming that the intent is encourage some uniformity (and to avoid
arbitrary differences) across OSLC-defined resources by listing and
describing properties in a catalog and recommending that domain spec
authors consult the catalog before defining a domain specific property. If
so, should we expand the list in Appendix A or break it out into a separate
Common Property catalog topic? I've started to see other examples emerge -
like the Comments property/resource in the CM workgroup that could easily
be generalized as a Common OSLC property. Likewise, I think the coming set
of common link properties could fit in here. What is the process for
deciding if something is Common?

Thoughts? Scott

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