[oslc-core] Optional Language Tags in Query Syntax?

Arthur Ryman ryman at ca.ibm.com
Wed Apr 14 12:15:55 EDT 2010

Given the recent discussion on multiple translations of property values, I 
suggest we consider optional language tags, e.g. "Bonjour"@fr, on plain 
literal values. This is also consistent with the recent change we made 
allowing optional datatypes on literals, e.g. "2010-04-14"^^xsd:dateTime

The benefit of allowing optional language tags is that a queries could 
find values that were explicity tagged. Otherwise we'd have to make up a 
rule, like the query would ignore the language tag of the actual value.

This may be a slippery slope, but if we wanted to allow a match on any 
text with a given language tag, we could use a wildcard syntax like *@fr, 
or *@* for any any text with any tag.


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