[OSLC] Generating language bindings for the OSLC interfaces

Olivier Berger olivier.berger at it-sudparis.eu
Thu Feb 4 14:10:23 EST 2010

Le jeudi 04 février 2010 à 09:53 -0600, Andrew J Berner a écrit :

> What can the OSLC workgroups develop to make the interfaces easy to
> consume?

Provide some Open-Source implementations of both server-side and
client-side tools that implement (maybe partially at least) OSLC specs.

These may help people to test without much burden (license wise), and
maybe understand by reading some code instead of reading some specs or
high level models/language bindings.

These may also eventually become de-facto reference implementations and
participate to conformance suites some day ?

In order to follow this path we have started to create a prototype REST
API server for Mantis using Zend Framework (PHP), that's Open Source
(GNU GPL V2 license), and that is meant to comply to OSLC-CM V1 some

Btw, we're also thinking about reusing much of this PHP code to
implement modules for FusionForge trackers API, and maybe other Open
Source trackers written in PHP.
It's not done yet, but we're working at it... and contributors would be
very much welcome ;)

My 2 cents,

Best regards,
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