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(moved) Any interest in Event Management as a specification/working group?
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Moved to the Proposals for new specifications section, which was its intended home. If you use Option 1 below to indicate interest, please use its hyperlink rather than the “Reply” button on this thread.

I am wondering how much community interest there would be in forming a working group in the following topic area. This is not a formal proposal of any kind, although I used a past one to give it some basic structure. If there appears to be sufficient interest in it, then we can make a proposal to Core at some future time.

What events does an event management system contain about a computer system? Once a human decides that an event occurred “because of” some other event, or that an event “is about” a particular network device, how can another product link to details about the event?

The goal of this effort would be to define a common set of resources, properties, and RESTful services useful for answering that category of question, so that multiple tools can have a common answer when they integrate.

If you WOULD like to participate in such a working group, please do ONE of the following (most preferred action is first):

  1. Post a reply to this thread (the wikinfrastructure will email me, so I’ll know). Posting requires that you have a Forums ID, which is distinct from a Twiki ID as of this writing, so I’ll understand if you choose not to get yourself Yet Another ID to manage and email me instead.
  2. Email me using the information at JohnArwe
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