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Forum posts use a flavor of Markdown for syntax. I’ve got the basics here, and you can also see the original Markdown syntax guide or Stack Exchange’s guide.

New paragraphs

Leave a blank line between lines of text to make a new paragraph.

A paragraph

Another paragraph starts after a blank line.
This will not start a new paragraph because there is no line between this line and the previous.

Forced line breaks

End a line with two spaces to force a line break (but not a new paragraph). Without that, lines will be joined.

Roses are red<space><space>
Violets are blue

Bold and italics

For bold text, wrap text in two asterisks or underscores

**This is will be bold** and so will __this bit of text__

Italics are the same, but use only one asterisk or underscore

*This is will be italic* and so will _this bit of text_

To combine them (if you must), use 3 asterisks or underscores

***Why*** are you ___yelling?!___


You can do links inline like this:

[All of this text will be a link to our website](http://open-services.net)

If you would rather keep all your links in one place, you can also use two different ‘reference’ styles (using numbers or text):

[This will be a link to Google][1]. This link will [go to OSLC][oslc].

  [1]: http://google.com
  [oslc]: http://open-services.net


For a bulleted list, leave a blank line, then start a line with an asterisk (*), plus (+), or hyphen (-) followed by a space:

* Once you start a list
+ It doesn't matter which marker you use
- Just don't forget the space after the marker

For a numbered list, use a number, a period, and a space:

1. These are easy
4. Because the numbers that you type don't matter
17. They'll be converted to the right numbers automatically
1. Cool, huh?

You can nest lists, but that can get pretty complicated. See Stack Overflow’s Markdown guide for some examples.


Just start a line with a >:

> Just like you've seen with email
> > You can nest blockquotes too

You can nest quotes, lists, and code. See Stack Overflow’s Markdown guide for some examples.


To do inline code, wrap the text in `backticks`

Type `gem install` on the command line

For a full code block, leave a blank line and then indent 4 or more spaces. Use that same indent on every line of the code block.

You'll want to copy this block of code:

    #main { 
        border: 1px solid black; 

In this forum, HTML code is aggressively escaped and removed even in code blocks so you might want to encode <, > and & with their named equivalents (&amp;lt;) to avoid problems. You can use this encoder to make things easier.

<not_html_tag>Not a problem!</not_html_tag>

Advanced formatting

This forum supports the advanced formatting from Markdown Extra; if you wanted to use tables, abbreviations, or definition lists.

On thing to keep in mind is that the Live Preview will not display this formatting. Click the Preview post button to see how they’ll look.

Other HTML

Almost all other HTML is filtered out or heavily escaped, so don’t expect to be able to use it. Sorry.

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