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[Polarion] Creating OSLC-Consumer to edit WorkItems
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we use Polarion ALM for Requirements Management and i would like to create an OSLC-Consumer that is able to get, edit and create Requirements via OSLC. Is that possible?

We have tried to use Eclipse Lyo for creating a OSLC-Consumer, but i am getting the impression that Lyo/Jazz only works for IBM Products (First paragraph of https://jazz.net/library/article/1382). When trying to establish a connection the app keeps crashing, while creating the helper-object.

   public static void main(String[] args) throws ParseException {

  String webContextUrl = "http://[...]/polarion/oslc/rootservices";
  try {

   //STEP 1: Initialize a Jazz rootservices helper and indicate we're looking for the RequirementManagement catalog
   // The root services for DOORs is found at /public level
   JazzRootServicesHelper helper = new JazzRootServicesHelper(webContextUrl, OSLCConstants.OSLC_RM_V2);

   //STEP 2: Create a new OSLC OAuth capable client, the parameter of following call should be provided
   // by the system administrator of the DOORs Web Access server
   OslcOAuthClient client = helper.initOAuthClient("Lyo_App", generated_Key);

Error Message is the following:

org.eclipse.lyo.client.exception.RootServicesException: OSLCC003: An error occurred processing the root services document.  Server location: http:/[...]/polarion/oslc/rootservices. [...] Caused by: org.eclipse.lyo.client.exception.ResourceNotFoundException: OSLCC004: The requested resource could not be found.  Resource: http://[...]/polarion/oslc/rootservices  Value: http://open-services.net/xmlns/rm/1.0/rmServiceProviders.

Is there any other way to get work items via oslc from polarion? I found this tutorial, which uses REST-Interface to create WorkItems, but within Step 1.3 the feedback from the Polarion Server does not provide a oslc:CreationFactory but only oslc:ServiceDialog. I can use these UIs to manually edit WorkItems, but i would like to use GET, POST, PUT-Commands. Is there something i am missing out - in terms of OSLC-Configuration? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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