With these candidates, there’s no bad vote

Six OSLC leaders are vying for the four open seats on the OSLC Steering Committee. Check out their statements here.

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Lifecycle Integration is Integrated into your Favorite Conferences

Get the overview of OSLC at IBM Innovate and check out the OSLC and Eclipse Lyo workshops at not only Innovate, but also at EclipseCon France and the INCOSE International Symposium.

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Brace Yourself: OSLC Steering Committee Elections Are Coming

This June, three OSLC Steering Committee seats are up for election. Prepare to participate in the elections to influence the future of OSLC.

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Neither Proprietary Data Formats nor International Travel are barriers to OSLC

OSLC news for the ALM Forum attendee newsletter for April 3: the OSLC International Speakers Bureau takes the stage.

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OSLC Enables Integration for Mobility and Lean Software Lifecycles

OSLC news for the ALM Forum onsite newsletter for April 2 + some bonus news.

Yesterday (April Fool's Day) OSLC didn't fool around putting two talks "in the books" and having a good BoF discussion. Things keep rolling today with talks about Mobile and Lean.

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OSLC Standardization underway for Automation and Project Management of Contracted Delivery at OASIS

OSLC news for the ALM Forum onsite newsletter for April 1 - no joke!

Two new OSLC Technical Committees, both addressing critical themes for today's delivery organizations, but from very different perspectives, have their first meetings.

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Connect with OSLC at the ALM Forum

We’re just days away from the ALM Forum in Seattle (it runs April 1-3), and the first ever “OSLC Connect” event is taking place as part of it. If you haven’t registered yet, but can attend, don’t miss out on using the OSLC discount code (learn more).

Let’s take a look at all the great OSLC-related activities.

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Don’t get stressed talking about integrations

Join the OSLC leaders for an “Integration Happy Hour” March 31 from 4:30-6:30 PM at the ALM Forum in Seattle.

See how OSLC takes the stress out of (talking about) integrations!

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Follow along as we redesign in public

I'm exploring an updated design for this site, and I’m doing so in public. This’ll be fun. 

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Eclipse Lyo 2.1 released, and other news you need to know

Eclipse Lyo 2.1 is now available! In addition to the many improvements to what was available in Lyo 2.0, a Hudson CI adapter for OSLC Automation has been added to this release.

Also, there's news about the W3C Linked Data Platform and new OSLC TCs at OASIS.

Don't forget about the ALM Forum either!

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