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OSLC Core Meeting May 30, 2012

Previous meeting

Link to OSLC Core spec: OslcCoreSpecification

Meeting logistics

How to dial-in to our telecon and login to our screen-sharing session.

Telecon Info

USA Toll-Free: 888-426-6840 USA Caller Paid: 215-861-6239 Participant Code: 3292849

Other numbers:

Online meeting

(when we need it)

For IBM employees, use the following link: (IBM intranet authentication required)

For people outside IBM, use the following link:


Review Minutes from May 16


Proposed new WGs

OslcCoreV2Issues - Outstanding issues and proposed updates

V3 Spec Outline Draft for review - OslcCoreV3Plan

Next meeting:

  • June 13 - outstanding 2.0 issues and 3.0 progress


Reviewed previous minutes

Reminder of OslcAtInnovate2012

Proposed new WGs

  • General discussion on naming of the WGs, will nail down naming with WG creation (namely Event Mgmt).
  • Approval to move forward with WG creation -- (no objections)

OslcCoreV2Issues - Issue-43 - Read-only and friends (Arwe)

  • Reviewed proposals in: A series of proposals
  • 43-1 : agreed
  • 43-3 : agreed
  • NEW ISSUE - the usage of QName in this context is not valid. It should really state that we use hash URIs and this is the fragment segment of the URI. Need to promote/clarify OSLCCoreURINamingGuidance
  • 43-4 : agreed
  • 43-7 : agreed
  • 43-5 : text suggestions made, JohnArwe to produce new recommendation...will follow up on mailing list and at next WG meeting
  • 43-8+9 : text still needs some work.. will follow up on mailing list and at next WG meeting

Next meeting June 13


SteveSpeicher (chair), ChristopherLazzaro, PaulSlauenwhite, JohnArwe, SheehanAnderson, JimConallen, ArthurRyman, SamPadgett, MikeLoeffler, JulianneBielski

Possible attendees: SteveSpeicher (chair), MichaelFiedler, DevangParikh, PaulMcMahan, JohnArwe, PaulSlauenwhite, NickCrossley, SamPadgett, SheehanAnderson, SuzetteSamoojh? , DonCronin? , JimConallen, IanGreen, GrayBachelor, NicholasKruk? , DavidHoney, ChristopherLazzaro, SofiaYeung, RainerErsch, AndyBerner, CharlesRankin, MikeLoeffler, ArthurRyman

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