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Implementation Status


This page is used to track implementation status.

IBM Rational


IBM Rational has a partial prototype Jazz-based implementation of an EMS 1.0 service provider. This prototype has been used internally to test the OSLC Reporting specification. Work on this prototype was temporarily put on hold to allow participation in the OSLC Core specification workgroup. Since OSLC Core 2.0 is now published and in the Finalization phase, work on the EMS 1.0 implementation has resumed. Initial versions of the OSLC Core resources that describe the EMS 1.0 service have been developed and these will be posted here soon.

In addition, work has been done on an implementation of the OSLC Query 2.0 specification. An ANTLR grammar has been developed. This can be used as a reference or a starting point for parsers.

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